On Mon 07 Feb 2011 at 07:13PM, Darren Reed wrote:
> On  7/02/11 08:22 AM, Mike Gerdts wrote:
> >...
> >>If I was in the habit of upgrading, creating new BEs, validating
> >>those BEs, then deleting the old ones, why wouldn't the same apply
> >>to zones and thus result in mitigation of the problem you cite
> >>above?
> >If the old global zone BEs and associated snapshots are deleted, there's
> >probably not a big problem.  However, the code paths for creating the
> >zone BEs during "beadm create" and similar operations becomes more
> >complicated having to deal with more scenarios.  More complicated for
> >the sake of flexibility that has no material benefit means that
> >developers spend less time working on things that are of material
> >benefit.
> >
> >Is there a reason that
> >
> >    zfs create -o mountpoint=/zones rpool/zones
> >
> >then creating each zonepath as /zones/<zonename>  is a problem?
> From the perspective of a developer that uses a test suite that creates
> zones using a shell script, the less changes required to my script the
> better. I suspect that ultimately the above will become part of the system
> installation configuration, but it would be nice if the zones tools kept the
> difference in requirements for disk configuration internal? Thus the same
> commands "just work" when building zones on Solaris10 & 11.
> I suppose in my case, it is "rpool/zone" and "mountpoint=/zone".
> Darren

What you are asking for seems to be within the scope of 

6726123 zoneadm install should create zfs filesystems whenever possible

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