On Tue 06 Sep 2011 at 10:09AM, Jeremy Loukinas wrote:
> First:
> root@opensolaris:~# zfs mount
> rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-1        /
> rpool/export                    /export
> rpool/export/home               /export/home
> rpool                           /rpool
> zpool/zones                     /zones
> zpool                           /zpool
> root@opensolaris:~#
> Second:
> root@opensolaris:~# zonecfg -z test2
> test2: No such zone configured
> Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
> zonecfg:test2> create
> zonecfg:test2> set zonepath=/zones/roots/test2
> zonecfg:test2> exit
> root@opensolaris:~# zoneadm -z test2 install
> ERROR: the zonepath must be a ZFS dataset.
> The parent directory of the zonepath must be a ZFS dataset so that the
> zonepath ZFS dataset can be created properly.
> root@opensolaris:~#
> Am i missing something here? I found another post but it was from someone 
> trying to create a zone in rpool..

If you did:

        zonecfg -z test2 'set zonepath=/zones/test2'

all would be well.  Alternatively, if you really want the zonepath to

        zfs create zones/roots

Mike Gerdts
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