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> On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 5:11 PM, Mike Gerdts <mike.ger...@oracle.com> wrote:
> >> 3)zfs dataset requirement
> >
> > How does this negatively impact you or other users?  As of Solaris 11
> > Express, this requirement means that you have to run 'zfs create' once
> > to create a ZFS filesystem that will be the parent of an arbitrry number
> > of zones.
> >
> > I personally would not advocate a configuration where each zone is not
> > on its own file system because a disk hog in one zone can deny service
> > to other zones.
>     Be very careful here. If you allocate all of your Zones from a
> single zpool and do NOT use quotas (and reservations) you can have one
> Zone run the others out of disk space. Does the automatic (under the
> covers) zfs create in Solaris 11 also automate setting reasonable
> quotas and reservations ?
>     I don't want folks who are less familiar with ZFS to make that mistake.

Very good point - thanks for making it.

> > While I was working for a Fortune 10 company and
> > introduced zones early in Solaris 10's life, I ensured that every zone
> > had its own file system on a SVM soft partition.  This approach worked
> > well for many years, but took a significant amount of effort to
> > automate.  The integration of ZFS and Zones simplifies this type of
> > architecture greatly.
>     We have used almost exclusively sparse root zones; for the space
> efficiency, the global patching model, and the security of a read only
> OS. I will be sorry to see the option of a sparse root zone go away.

I understand your concerns here and I look forward to the day that I can
talk about what Solaris 11 has to offer to address them.

Mike Gerdts
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