>  If one zone is paged out completely, then the other zone won't need much 
> swap space, as there is plenty of free physical memory for it's pages to live 
> in.  

I do not agree with that.  Another zone cannot use the physical memory of the 
"swapped out" zone, as there is strict hard cap on all the zones physical 
This hard cap prevents using of physical memory, and swap is filled up by the 
quiet zones pages.

I often face requirements when our customers would like have the same resouces 
available for the zones after consolidation,   what resources they had before 

In my (theoretic) example, I have two physical boxes with 8G RAM and 16G swap 
area.  Thus, to reflect the similar limits I need to set physical memory limit 
to 8G, and max-swap to 8+16 = 24G for both zones. (Having 16G phys mem, and 32G 
swap area to serve these two zones.)

If zone A is swapped out completely, it might occupy 24G swap area, but zone B 
cannot use the physical memory instead, as there is 8G hard cap on it.

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