I wonder if anyone else has seen this recently; I've been trying to
make the WriteLock implementation survive server restarts (i.e.
reconnecting to another ZK server) with some success. See the latest
patch here...

but I've found I can reliably get things to lock up. See the
WriteLockTest.java and change the workAroundClosingLastZNodeFails to
false and you should be able to run the test yourself and see things
lock up.

It seems like things lock up when waiting on a Packet being sent to
the transport. Sometimes I get a session timed out exception, so if I
see that I try and recreate the cxcn object which is maybe causing the
issue; I tried patching the ClientCnxn.SendThread.close() method to do
a cleanup() to wake up any blocked threads before closing (its in the
patch for ZOOKEEPER-78 which also depends on the patch for
ZOOKEEPER-84 BTW); am wondering if anyone has a better idea of dealing
with a session timeout?


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