James, I'd like to clarify what exactly is the issue you're looking at. If
you provide a list of ZooKeeper servers, then a client will try to reconnect
to another ZooKeeper server upon a disconnection. Reconnecting to another
server does not guarantee maintaining the same session, though. So, are you
trying to guarantee that the session is still the same upon a reconnection?
If so, I don't think you can do it by just changing the client, since the
servers might have expired the old session.


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> Subject: things lock up when the client reconnects?
> I wonder if anyone else has seen this recently; I've been trying to
> make the WriteLock implementation survive server restarts (i.e.
> reconnecting to another ZK server) with some success. See the latest
> patch here...
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-78
> but I've found I can reliably get things to lock up. See the
> WriteLockTest.java and change the workAroundClosingLastZNodeFails to
> false and you should be able to run the test yourself and see things
> lock up.
> It seems like things lock up when waiting on a Packet being sent to
> the transport. Sometimes I get a session timed out exception, so if I
> see that I try and recreate the cxcn object which is maybe causing the
> issue; I tried patching the ClientCnxn.SendThread.close() method to do
> a cleanup() to wake up any blocked threads before closing (its in the
> patch for ZOOKEEPER-78 which also depends on the patch for
> ZOOKEEPER-84 BTW); am wondering if anyone has a better idea of dealing
> with a session timeout?
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