Mahadev, can you complete quotas in 2 weeks? This includes completing the code itself, documentation, tests, and incorporating review feedback?


Benjamin Reed wrote:
we should delay. it would be good to try out quotas for a bit before
we do the release. quotas are also a key part of the release. 3 weeks
seem a little long though.

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That was release 3.1 and not 3.2 :)


On 1/15/09 4:26 PM, "Mahadev Konar" <> wrote:

Hi all, I needed to get quotas in zookeeper 3.2.0 and wanted to see
if delaying the release by 2-3 weeks is ok with everyone? Here is
the jira for it -

Please respond if you have any issues with the delay.

thanks mahadev

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