Bernd Fondermann wrote:
On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 18:25, Patrick Hunt<> wrote:
The configure script is free license (it's in the header of the file). IANAL
but based on my understanding of apache license requirements this makes the
file a "TYPE A" license, as there are no other stated requirements wrt
notice, we are in compliance.

I'm not saying that the license is incompatible, I am saying that you
need to record third party contributions in the NOTICE file.

and probably many, many others

Hi Bernd, we do have a notice file similar to your examples (actually we have at least 5 of them) included in the release. I looked at these examples you've included and I don't see any mention of autotools related files (like configure).

PS: I don't think it is particulary nice to close a vote when there
are ongoing discussions.

You stated the following in your original email "I guess it is not safe to release this as-is.". You didn't -1 the vote and you are implicitly saying that you don't know and are just guessing. You don't point to any supporting evidence for this statement such as explicit requirements from Apache. Additionally I followed up immediately with our PMC chair and he said this was not an issue. I then responded to your email.

I will double check with Owen on this and ask him to comment on the thread. If you could point to a specific apache document stating this requirement that would help alot. This is a critical fix release that we are trying to get out so resolving this ASAP is imperative.



Bernd Fondermann wrote:

There is foreign code in the release tar ball, which is not attributed
to in the top-level LICENSE/NOTICE file.
see for example
So I guess it is not safe to release this as-is.

It would be nice if the release artifacts would be named
but this more my personal taste than a requirement.


On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 06:02, Patrick Hunt<> wrote:
Hadoop PMC,

Please test and vote on this release in zookeeper-dev list.


Hadoop PMC,

Please test and vote on this release in zookeeper-dev list.



I've created a candidate build for ZooKeeper 3.2.1. This is a bug fix
release addressing a number of significant issues -- see the release
for details.

*** Please download, test and VOTE before the
*** vote closes EOD on Wednesday, September 2.***

Should we release this?


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