Bernd Fondermann wrote:
Well, I'm not guessing any more than you do. :-)


I didn't -1, because I've no binding vote anyway on this PMC.
I just checked out the release and gave feedback, whether it's
appreciated or not I'm not quite sure.

We take all serious votes seriously.

Imperative to whom?

Hurrying a release never serves well. Votes at Apache should run for
at least 72 hrs. It's also convenient to give a timezone and time when
the vote ends, because EOD might be at different times for different
If this is a security fix, however, I think a shorter timeframe is ok.
But it is not labelled as such.

There is no hurry here. The vote started when my initial email was sent - specifically "08/28/2009 11:21 AM" and closed on "09/03/2009 03:36 PM", which is greater than the requisite 72 hrs. You make a good point however, I will include timezone in subsequent emails.


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