Vishal K wrote:
We will be using zookeeper quite extensively for clustering. Windows is one
of the platforms that we may need to support. Since Win32 is not supported
as a production platform I was wondering to what extent is zookeeper tested
on windows. We are also interested on using Zookeeper on Win64 platform. Is
Win64 supported? Are there any plans to support Win32/Win64 for production?
If not, what would one need to do support windows and what would be the
estimated QA effort?

My use of ZK is exclusively 32/64bit linux, however I can tell you that given that the client/server are implemented in java it should work. Problems you might encounter would be things like NIO issues with the JVM implementation on windows.

Testing on windows? Pretty much 0 afaik. We do support development on cygwin, so provides some basic exercising of the codepaths with the windows jvm, however it's not likely production level qa.

This question (zk on win) has come up once or twice before, I haven't seen any followup from the users who asked about it previously though.

3.3.0 has batch files for running the server in windows, give those a try. Probably what you'd want to do is run "ant test-core-java" or similar in the top of the ZK release directory. This will run all the java tests and give you some insight into status. I'd be happy to work with you to land patches that address issues with ZK on windows. Depending on the interest level and support from win users we could support win as a dev/prod platform at some point in the future - having ongoing support for this would be important though (people interested in testing/fixing under win I mean). Try exercising under windows and create some JIRAs based on what you find.



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