Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your response. I start running ZK on windows and let you know if
I run into issues.

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 11:32 AM, Patrick Hunt <ph...@apache.org> wrote:

> Vishal K wrote:
>> We will be using zookeeper quite extensively for clustering. Windows is
>> one
>> of the platforms that we may need to support. Since Win32 is not supported
>> as a production platform I was wondering to what extent is zookeeper
>> tested
>> on windows. We are also interested on using Zookeeper on Win64 platform.
>> Is
>> Win64 supported? Are there any plans to support Win32/Win64 for
>> production?
>> If not, what would one need to do support windows and what would be the
>> estimated QA effort?
> My use of ZK is exclusively 32/64bit linux, however I can tell you that
> given that the client/server are implemented in java it should work.
> Problems you might encounter would be things like NIO issues with the JVM
> implementation on windows.
> Testing on windows? Pretty much 0 afaik. We do support development on
> cygwin, so provides some basic exercising of the codepaths with the windows
> jvm, however it's not likely production level qa.
> This question (zk on win) has come up once or twice before, I haven't seen
> any followup from the users who asked about it previously though.
> 3.3.0 has batch files for running the server in windows, give those a try.
> Probably what you'd want to do is run "ant test-core-java" or similar in the
> top of the ZK release directory. This will run all the java tests and give
> you some insight into status. I'd be happy to work with you to land patches
> that address issues with ZK on windows. Depending on the interest level and
> support from win users we could support win as a dev/prod platform at some
> point in the future - having ongoing support for this would be important
> though (people interested in testing/fixing under win I mean). Try
> exercising under windows and create some JIRAs based on what you find.
> Regards,
> Patrick

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