Licenses that are specified as "Category A" (incl mit/bsd) are fine:

Something like json.jar you should include the license alongside the jar file (see what we do in src/java/lib for jline as an example).


On 05/07/2010 10:54 AM, Ivan Kelly wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm looking at submitting a first drop of the log grapher some of you
have seen. However, the drawing depends on a couple of javascript
libraries which are MIT and BSD licensed and some other java libraries,
org.restlet.jar and json.jar. The restlets shouldn't be a problem since
there's a maven repo for it, so I should be able to pull it in through
java. However json.jar has a "Do whatever you like as long as you keep
this license" license?

How have you dealt with these issues in the past if you've come across


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