the case you mention, the session is not really expired unless the quorum
decides to expire it. So the client assuming that the session expired would
be wrong to say. It is possible that as soon as you bring up the servers,
the client reconnects with the same session and the session is still valid.

Why would you want the session to expire if all the servers are down (which
should not happen unless you kill all the nodes or the datacenter is down) ?


On 1/7/09 12:39 PM, "Kevin Burton" <> wrote:

>> The ZK ensemble leader expires the client session if it doesn't hear from
>> the client w/in the timeout specified by the client when the session was
>> established.
>> A client will disconnect from a server in the ensemble and attempt
>> reconnect to another server in the ensemble if it doesn't hear from the
>> server w/in 2/3 of the specified session timeout.
> OK... I got that part.  The issue I'm running into now though is that my
> sessions aren't actually timing out when I shutdown all servers in an
> ensemble.
> One solution/hack would be to record how long you've been disconnected and
> assume that your session has been expired.
> Kevin

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