>  the case you mention, the session is not really expired unless the quorum
> decides to expire it. So the client assuming that the session expired would
> be wrong to say. It is possible that as soon as you bring up the servers,
> the client reconnects with the same session and the session is still valid.
> Why would you want the session to expire if all the servers are down (which
> should not happen unless you kill all the nodes or the datacenter is down)
> ?

Because in my application a temporary node disconnect is reasonable.

I'm only watching for the value of a node to change to stop/start/restart a
set of daemons.

I a server is rebooted I don't care.  I DO care if I have a hemisphere split
or a severe error and would want to act on it..

... so a session expiration has to be voted on.  Interesting.  I guess
that's another issue I have to keep track of....

The rope is tightening around my neck :)


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