Mahadev Konar wrote:
Why would you want the session to expire if all the servers are down (which
should not happen unless you kill all the nodes or the datacenter is down) ?

A more likely case is that the client port on the switch dies and the client is partitioned from the servers...



On 1/7/09 12:39 PM, "Kevin Burton" <> wrote:

The ZK ensemble leader expires the client session if it doesn't hear from
the client w/in the timeout specified by the client when the session was

A client will disconnect from a server in the ensemble and attempt
reconnect to another server in the ensemble if it doesn't hear from the
server w/in 2/3 of the specified session timeout.

OK... I got that part.  The issue I'm running into now though is that my
sessions aren't actually timing out when I shutdown all servers in an

One solution/hack would be to record how long you've been disconnected and
assume that your session has been expired.


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