Ok, good. Based on the comparison of perf numbers, and Ted's experience with large instances on ec2 running zk, this makes sense to me. A large is about half (very roughly) the horsepower of what I was using for my tests. Ted mentioned that he hasn't seen issues on ec2 running with large instances and that correlates to these numbers (again, this is all rough back of the envelope type stuff but good enough imo).

Anyone have a small that they could run the same cpu/disk/network tests? I'd be interested to see how that stacks up.

Ted, could you provide your configuration information for the cluster (incl the client timeout you use), if you're willing I'd be happy to put this up on the wiki for others interested in running in EC2.



Ted Dunning wrote:
I only have one large instance live.  My impression from previously is that
between host bandwidth is generally about what you saw.  We have been able
to sustain 20-30MB/s into EC2 to a single node which should be harder than
moving data between nodes.  I have heard rumors that others were able to get
double what I got for incoming transfer.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 9:47 PM, Patrick Hunt <ph...@apache.org> wrote:

Could you test networking - scping data between hosts? (I was seeing
64.1MB/s for a 512mb file - the one created by dd, random data)

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