Perhaps the install script for zkpython could check for this and warn the user?


Mahadev Konar wrote:
Hi Erik,
 It would be good to have this info in the README/INSTALL of python
bindings. It would be great if you can file a jira (and also upload a patch
:)) for it.


On 11/23/09 4:12 PM, "Erik Holstad" <> wrote:

Sorry that it took so long, but I ran into trouble when trying out trunk
instead of 3.2.1.
It has nothing to do with the zookeeper code, I think, but more with my
After switching to trunk, I got back the original error and have been
struggling with it
I'm running on Fedora9.
So, to make sure that it works the line "/usr/local/lib/" needs to be in the
If it is but it is still not working you have to run /sbin/ldconfig.

What I previous wrote about the different versions of Python, doesn't seem
to apply
any more, works fine for python2,5.

On my laptop where I run Ubuntu9.4 I don't have this problem.

Regards Erik

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