Hi ohad,
  there isnt a way to get a selected set of children from the servers. So
you will have to get all of them and filter out the unwanted ones. Also,
what Steve suggested in the other email might be useful for you.


On 12/23/09 12:29 AM, "Ohad Ben Porat" <o...@outbrain.com> wrote:

> Hey,
> Under the main node of my application I have the following sequential
> children:  mytest1, mytest2, mytest3, sometest1,sometest2,sometest3.
> Now, I want to get all children of my main node that starts with mytest,
> something like getChildren("/main/mytest*", false), is there a command for
> that? Or must I bring all children and filter out the unwanted ones?
> Ohad

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