Adam Rosien wrote:
Re "off the shelf", my title of "Actually Implementing" was a *bit*
snarky to try and gain some readers, but it wasn't intended to be
sharp criticism; more documented recipes is a good thing for everyone.
I'd be happy to submit a JIRA with a group membership recipe.

Ya, I got that, no worries. It was a valid point and something I've been asked before. Figured I could get some (addl) free work out of the deal. ;-)

Disqus seems to be having troubles, I've tried like 3 times to comment on your blog post, did it finally make it through?

Re zkclient, I agree that documentation is a big thing, which I hope
to help out with as I use it more. I'm talking now with one of the
developers about zkclient's implementation of data serialization since
that is another big area; zk pushes all serialization semantics into
the clients, which is ok but requires its own practical strategies.

Yea, that's an interesting point. I suspect that a wrapper around the data (zk contrib? subclass/proxy of ZooKeeper?) that put content-type type information into the "header" of the data portion might be useful. The wrapper could encode/decode based on the data type in ZK, vs the data type the user would like. The wrapper could support whichever encode/decode the user would like (say xml/json to start) etc... Donno how useful in general but in a larger system with a bunch of heterogeneous clients accessing it might be interesting.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Patrick Hunt <> wrote:
Adam, this is awesome! I've retweeted it on my twitter account:

A few comments:

1) you are correct about the "off the shelf" part, but really alot of that
is our marketing blurb, we paint with a broad stroke. I think it would make
sense to include this sort of detail in the "recipes" page though, would you
be interested to create a JIRA and submit some content? (you could re
purpose alot of what you have in your post)

2) re zkclient - I have not been following that project closely of late,
however Mahadev and I did review their code a few months ago. At that time
we had some concerns about the semantic impact of some of the design choices
they made (which were fine, just not well documented and therefor easy for
users to miss). In particular (again, at the time, may be addressed by now)
watch notifications could be lost during disconnected/expired sessions, and
the user would not be made aware of this.

3) excellent point/suggestion on the "rogue" service


Adam Rosien wrote:
I've written a blog post about using ZooKeeper for group membership at

Any comments or feedback is welcome.

.. Adam

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