Short of someone else stepping up I have it on my todo list. ;-) Still quite a bit of work to do on 733 though getting it back into shape. (not to mention layering the ssl on top). Then there's also the server-server connectivity that also needs to have netty support added (quorum/election port I mean, 733 only adds netty to the server side client port).

Set a watch on 733 and subscribe to the dev list if you want to follow along.


On 05/27/2010 10:46 AM, Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
actually pat hunt took over that issue: ZOOKEEPER-733. pat has made a
lot of progress and the patch looks close to being ready.

This is just the server side though, still need to make similar changes on
the client. That will likely be a separate jira. But yes, it's coming along.

Oh, that's great news Patrick.  Thanks for pushing this forward!

Do you think the client side might see some attention soon as well?
Or, in other words, do you plan to shift over to the client side once
you're done with the server?

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