Hi Milind, Hedwig is still in prototype phase so it lacks several
features to make it production ready.  We are trying to find an
engineering team to work on and support it.  

(a) Monitoring is one of the big missing pieces to make it production
ready.  We have some thoughts on it.  The simplest solution would be to
use JMX style bindings for monitoring and admin purposes.

(b) We have designs on non-star topologies and the underlying pieces to
support this are there (version vectors for messages published/consumed
in all regions).  This is something we've thought about since the
beginning.  However, due to lack of resources, we have not implemented
this yet.  There are a few enhancements that we know about and will
shortly document them either via a wiki page or open jiras for Hedwig.

(c) We are in the process of converting some internal documents we have
for Hedwig for third party consumption.  That's a priority since we
definitely want people to know quickly what Hedwig is all about (large
scale multi-colo guaranteed delivery pub/sub system) and the
architecture of it (shared nothing, commodity boxes, ZooKeeper for
coordination, Bookkeeper for persistence).  We also want to emphasize
that all pieces of Hedwig are modular and you can slot in your own
implementation for the various parts.


> From: Milind Parikh <milindpar...@gmail.com>
> Reply-To: <zookeeper-user@hadoop.apache.org>
> Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 20:08:18 -0700
> To: <zookeeper-user@hadoop.apache.org>
> Subject: Key factors for production readiness of Hedwig
> What are the key factors for production readiness of Hedwig?  I would
> really
> like to use Hedwig in some major projects; but having a production
> readiness
> stamp is important. For my perspective:
> (a) Monitoring
> (b) Deployment Patterns (non star based)
> (c) Documentation
> Regards
> -- Milind

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