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Zwiki 0.57 has been released. If you feel like it's been a while since last announcement, you're right. I have been in an intense phase of travelling, work hunting, adapting to a new job, and could not avoid the hiatus, for which I apologise. To be precise, in september, 0.56 was released but not announced on zope-announce; in august, 0.55 was released but not announced on zope-announce or; and in july, there was no release. Ack! Thus ends my four-year run of monthly releases. If you're interested in helping out with release management, or have ideas for simplifying Zwiki processes, get in touch.

Thanks for your support. Peace,

Style and help cleanups, bugfixes.

Upgrade notes
If you use the ,
you'll need to update it to work with the new "expandable"
css class.

* reorganize stylesheet

* add missing mathaction styles

* rename "aqtree3clickable" css class to "expandable"

* subtopics, page context, wiki contents styling fixes

* make help page a built-in view like recentchanges etc.

* help updates

* make rss feeds and creationTime()/lastEditTime() more robust, eg
when creation_time property is blank

....... * fix backwards compatibility for old page objects

more detail at


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