Zwiki 0.58 has been released:

Simpler skin customization, bugfixes, cleanups.

Upgrade notes
  If you have a very old zwiki relying on standard_wiki_header &
  standard_wiki_footer dtml methods, these will now be ignored;
  you must use a wikipage page template to customise the skin.
  I don't think this will affect anyone (let me know if it did!)

  * remove bad import from CMFInit breaking CMF/Plone installation (#1291,
  * /upgradeAll now sets up a catalog and tries to fix some common
    character encoding problems

  * accept zodb skin templates with .pt or .dtml suffixes too, for easy upload
  * when adding a wiki, keep image and file suffixes
  * when adding a wiki, set the stylesheet's content type to text/css
  * code cleanup, drop standard_wiki_header/standard_wiki_footer support
  * add use_issue_links boolean property

  * help page cleanups, link UsersGuide
  * clarify username option help
  * fix subtopics layout interference from unterminated stx lists &
    literal blocks (#625)
  * improve contents page styling, make it like subtopics (but bigger)
  * fix star image in message-board-style subtopics template (#1305)

  * fix editform helppage link
  * clarify page type names, change "type" to "markup"

Issue tracking
  * set a "medium" severity when mailing in a new issue (kludgy, just
    picks the middle list element)

  * use a more stable contents url to reduce bot traffic (#762, #699)
    (Simon Michael, Daniel Yount, Michael Haubenwallner, Sascha Welter)
  * handle unrecognised page types properly
  * numericVotes method to get votes without voter identities
  * merge into __init__ and Admin

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