1.) CMFStaging tests

For a while now, I see 6 CMFStaging tests failing. Can anybody confirm they are broken? Does anybody use CMFStaging and knows how to fix these tests?

2.) test_DiscussionReply.py

- while most test modules include tests for a corresponding module of the product, these are tests for a single collector issue

- the tests are not really unit tests, more something like integration tests

- they don't work with Zope 2.8

- they are not included in test_all.py

- AFAICS there are other tests that cover the related collector issue

Anybody wants to fix these tests for Zope 2.8? If not, I'd like to remove them.

3.) Zope 2.8 warnings

'Zope2' is not available in Zope 2.7 and 'Zope' is deprecated in Zope 2.8. Same with 'transaction' and 'get_transaction'.

Has anybody a better idea to resolve it than this way:


If not, I'll use that pattern for other files and the 1.5 branch as well.



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