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Christian Heimes wrote:
I'm asking for another small change in CMF 1.5. For Plone's portal factory and temporary folder we have to bend the ActionInformation.getOAI method a little bit.

The current code in CMF calls the function getOAI(context=self, object=object) from the ActionInformation module.

I would like to alter the call a little bit to make it easier for us to customize the call:


Same in workflow and discussion tool.

Any objections?

Please make yourself familiar with these changes:


_listActionInfos() is just a fallback and never called for action providers that implement 'interfaces.portal_actions.ActionProvider'. All tools subclassing CMF tools or ActionProviderBase implement this interface.

ActionProviderBase depends on getExprContext, not on getOAI. AFAIK 'OAI' means 'old ActionInformation' and is deprecated since CMF 1.3. But DCWorkflow still depends on it, so there are no deprecation warnings.

I guess you have to modify getExprContext *and* getOAI for Plone.



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