Encolpe Degoute wrote:
Now that CMF 1.5 is out, and 1.5.1 too, can I start to work on this patch:

Have you any recommandations ?

Well. I'm not against a condition field for workflow Actions. But I still can't see other than historical reasons to use a different Actions machinery for workflows than for the rest of the CMF.

DCWorkflow Actions still use the OAI, which is marked as deprecated since CMF 1.3. This means a lot of extra code to maintain and extra rules to learn and remember.

Your proposal adds a condition field that works different than the other OAI based Action fields and different than the condition fields in CMFCore Actions. It uses DCWorkflow Expressions and doesn't reuse any code from CMFCore Actions.

I think it's worth the effort to migrate DCWorkflow Actions to the CMFCore Actions machinery for CMF 1.6. And in that context your proposal is a move in the wrong direction.



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