I have created a cvs2svn migration test sandbox for CMF on svn.zope.org:


This represents an import from the current state of the CVS repository. It is looking pretty good, except for one niggle: The "branch/tag/trunk"-folders don't represent the direct root for the project files - they all contain a CMF directory which is the root for the project files.

I found one cvs2svn FAQ (currently unavailable, server is down) that describes how to create a repository structure as known from svn.zope.org, where the "trunk", "branches" and "tags" directories are *inside* the main project directory. The "normal" way of operation for cvs2svn will create trunk/branches/tags directories at the very top of the repository and "share" them for all projects in the repository. However, that FAQ leads to the outcome described above, which still differs slightly from the other projects on svn.zope.org.

Please take a look at the svn sandbox and give me your opinions. It seems that the history is being transferred correctly, just that one small layout problem remains.


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