> P.S.: I too think that more participation from the main "consumers",  
> the Plone developers, is sorely needed on this list.

Rest assured that those of us who are involved in the low-level plumbing
of Plone do read the list regularly.  

We have contributed quite a few bug fixes to CMF, though that has been
hampered by problems getting CVS access (I sent in my contributor form
over a year ago and have yet to hear anything; as Tres has indicated,
this has been a problem for several other Plone developers as well).  

We have also offered some fairly substantial pieces of code to the CMF
(Archetypes, CMFFormController, SpeedPack), but have met with
indifference and/or active rejection.  I have several products I think
could find a home in the CMF, but given the response to previous offers,
I'm not sure it's worth the trouble to make the offer.

In general, I sense a fair amount of hostility to Plone expressed on the
list in the form of gratuitous sniping.  

If you want us to participate, it might help to play more nicely.


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