On Monday 01 August 2005 06:55 am, Florent Guillaume wrote:
> However I'd like to urge the "Plone guys" (95% of which don't bother to
> read or post in this list) to move their collective butts and actually
> implement forward-compatibility in Plone itself rather that, once more,
> tying the release of a base software to their own schedule.

I'm on here too, though pretty quiet.  I've even been subscribed here longer 
than I have been subscribed to plone-devel.

As stated, the only important issues are minor bugfixes in CMF 1.5.  We'd be 
OK without them, but everybody would be better off with them.  Maintaining 
our own monkeypatch set with every svn fix to CMF is a bit untenable.

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