On 2 Aug 2005, at 11:11, Duncan Booth wrote:

Julien Anguenot wrote:

Why don't you create your own FSXSLTemplate object ? It's pretty easy to
register this kind of objects within the CMF using the dedicated
registry. It might even sub-class FSPageTemplate if it makes sense in
your case. I would do it like this myself.

We could, but kupu seems like the wrong place to be registering such as general purpose object. A better place might be Archetypes (both kupu and archetypes currently register xsl file extensions), but it sounds to me
like a general enough requirement that possibly it should just be in
CMFCore (also, kupu can run without Archetypes being present & vice versa, so if either defined a suitable class they would both need to define it).

CMFCore is probably a good-enough place. If you want to provide code I'll shepherd it into Subversion, into the trunk and, after the 1.5.3 final is released, the 1.5 branch. Don't forget to add the necessary unit tests etc.


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