On 8 Sep 2005, at 11:08, yuppie wrote:
- Please make sure your checkins show up on the CMF-checkins list. Don't know if Tres can fix that for you or if you've got to register for that list.

I was wondering why I did not get any mail... Geoff, can you double- check that the email address you have in your zope.org membership is correct and then subscribe to the cmf-checkins list? That should make any further check-in messages appear for us.

PS  Those of you who raised concerns about ZopeTestCase causing test
problems in Zope 2.7 might want to take a look at why test_z3interfaces is
broken when you run the tests with zopectl test.

1.) Why "those of you who raised concerns about ZopeTestCase"?

I raised a concern that Zope 2.7 does not come with ZopeTestCase, so the test that uses it should not raise an error or failure condition. There should not be any failures when you download a vanilla Zope 2.7.x and CMF 1.5.x and run the unit tests, unless there is a real software bug.


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