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Geoff Davis wrote:
On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 12:08:23 +0200, yuppie wrote:

- Tests are easier to find and maintain if they are located in test_<module_name>.py. Most CMF tests follow that pattern.

Yes, I put the tests relating to new CachingPolicyManager functionality
into test_CachingPolicyManager.py.  The other tests I added were
integration tests that check how CachingPolicyManager interacts with
FSPageTemplate.py.  I didn't really think those tests were appropriate for
either test_CachingPolicyManager.py or test_FSPageTemplate.py.  Instead I
put them in test_Template304Handling.py, and I tried to convey the
functionality being tested in the file name.  I'm open to other naming
suggestions, though.

Ok. I see your point.

In the first place those tests seem to test CachingPolicyManager features, so I would have added them to test_CachingPolicyManager.py. But maybe that's just me.

PS  Those of you who raised concerns about ZopeTestCase causing test
problems in Zope 2.7 might want to take a look at why test_z3interfaces is
broken when you run the tests with zopectl test.

2.) Please note that I raised concerns about using PortalTestCase.

Knock! Knock! Anybody there?

I told you twice that I'm concerned about using PortalTestCase:

Would be nice to get some feedback. Obviously you don't share those concerns. What do you propose to do if changes in CMF make a new version of PortalTestCase necessary?

Florent also raised (different) concerns about using PortalTestCase:

3.) Please be more specific. I can't reproduce any problems with test_z3interfaces.

Yeah, sorry to sound cranky here -- I'm in the middle of a nasty


I put in some effort getting my tests to degrade quietly for
Zope 2.7 only to find some other Zope 2.7 problems with the tests.  It
could be it's my setup, though -- I'm not sure.  When running the tests
with a fresh checkout of the 1.5 branch on Zope 2.7.7 using

bin/zopectl test --dir Products/CMFCore/tests

I get a bunch of errors like the following:

ERROR: test_z3interfaces (CMFCore.tests.test_ActionInformation.ActionInfoTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/zope/plonedev/Products/CMFCore/tests/test_ActionInformation.py", 
line 60, in test_z3interfaces
    from Products.CMFCore.interfaces import IActionInfo
ImportError: cannot import name IActionInfo

I don't see IActionInfo defined anywhere in interfaces, so I don't think
it's just me.

The z3interfaces tests are based on the assumption that Five is available if zope.interface is available. Five creates IActionInfo dynamically on startup.

That's obviously not true in your setup. Looking again at these tests it would be more robust to include the interface imports in the try/except ImportError statement.

One other frustration: I was able to run my new tests in isolation, but
when I ran the whole test suite, they failed.  The problem appears to be
that somehow some things that happen in test_ActionProviderBase.py are not
being cleaned up before test_Template304Handling.py.  Some items placed in
the CMFSetup profile registry in test_ActionProviderBase.py are still
present when test_Template304Handling.py runs.  I added a workaround that
clears out profile_registry, but that shouldn't be necessary.  I don't
know if the problem is with the test runner or with
test_ActionProviderBase.py, but it's definitely bad that state from one
test is affecting another.  This problem appeared in both Zope 2.7.7 and
Zope 2.8.1.

I guess ZopeTestCase installs again products that are already installed. The registry raises errors if the same product is registered twice.

Not sure how to resolve this.



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