Not a Five problem, but a CMF problem, switching lists to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

On 10/12/05, David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> One thing I noticed is that there is no class
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IWorkflowDefinition. It is
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces.WorkflowDefinition  (no I in front of
> WorkflowDefinition).  Perhaps this is where it is getting messed up

Well, if you try to access
Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IWorkflowDefinition and it doesn't exist
you would get an error, yes. :) Besides, I have the feeling it should
be Products.CMFCore.interfaces.portal_workflow.WorkflowDefinition,
unless ther e is some magic going on. And I assume that the missing I
is just a typo.

> but why then is it not failing for CMFSite product?

It probably never arrives at using this?

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