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David Pratt wrote:
> Hi Tres.  It was me.  Here is my trouble. I am am using CMFDefault in
> CMF-1.5.4 as a starting point for portal development. I have installed
> Zope 2.8.1 I have only modified main __init__ and Portal.py  at this
> point and done some renaming to reflect my portal product -but I am
> getting this error in my event log. I am not subclassing it since there
> are some fairly major things I will be doing but still will use some of
> what it there.

I would recommend *not* hacking on the CMFCore product itself, but
rather create your own product and import what you need from it.
Modifying the CMF sources puts you into no-man's land, since we can't
try to reproduce your problem.

> I have done nothing to change any of the Five zcml or
> portal types yet so am puzzled why this is showing up. Can you shed some
> light as I am still in the dark when it comes to zcml.  I realize that
> these statements basically say it implementing inferfaces from CMFCore.
> One thing I noticed is that there is no class
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IWorkflowDefinition.

That interface (which is a Zope3 interface) is actually created
on-the-fly via a <five:bridge> directive in CMFCore/bridge.zcml, with
the same attributes / methods as the Zope2 version in

> It is
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces.WorkflowDefinition  (no I in front of
> WorkflowDefinition).  Perhaps this is where it is getting messed up but
> why then is it not failing for CMFSite product? I upgraded my CMF
> yesterday but I have checked down to 1.5.2 and interfaces in CMF for
> types don't have I in front either but have same zcml as CMFDefault in
> 1.5.4.  Was this something overlooked in CMFDefault or is it something I
> have done?  Let me know if you want the full traceback.
> The traceback is because Five is refusing to load and I am interested in
> using Five for translation services in the new product.
> Regards,
> David
> Last part of traceback:
>     ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'interface', 'Module
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces has no global IWorkflowDefinition in
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IWorkflowDefinition')
> This is where it is failing:
>   <!-- DefaultWorkflow -->
>   <implements
>       class=".DefaultWorkflow.DefaultWorkflowDefinition"
>       interface="Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IWorkflowDefinition"
>       />
> I have not changed interfaces file in the main portal product or
> DefaultWorkflow.  If I comment out this statement in implements file, it
> fails on the next statement in implements.zcml which is
>   <!-- DiscussionItem -->
>   <implements
>       class=".DiscussionItem.DiscussionItem"
>       interface="Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IDiscussionResponse"
>       />
> When I look at bridge, it seems also that bridge does not go from
> WorkflowDefinition to IWorkflowDefinition.
> <configure
>     xmlns="http://namespaces.zope.org/five";
>     >
>   <bridge
>       zope2=".interfaces.Document.IDocument"
>       package=".interfaces"
>       name="IDocument"
>       />
>   <bridge
>       zope2=".interfaces.Document.IMutableDocument"
>       package=".interfaces"
>       name="IMutableDocument"
>       />
>   <bridge
>       zope2=".interfaces.portal_membership.portal_membership"
>       package=".interfaces"
>       name="IMembershipTool"
>       />
> </configure>

This is the bridge.zcml in CMFDefault, right?  The CMFCore interfaces
are bridged in CMFCore/bridge.zcml.

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