Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

On 13 Oct 2005, at 09:53, pete wrote:

  <five:traversable class="Products.CMFDefault.Link.Link" />
    <browser:page name="index.html"  template="" />
From digging in Five/browser/ the browser:page tag should have triggered code that inserts the name "index" on the view class. But apparently it didn't :(

From a first look, I think it will have inserted the name 'index.html' on the view class, so if you type /address/to/link/ index.html then you should get the template.

Tried that, same failure...

bah! Next attempt - I copied an example from Five to get started and it Just Worked, so you must be close!

Should it not be <browser:pages> rather than <browser:view>?

And I'm not sure it should have a name="link_view" in the containing definition as that would apply to all the contained page definitions (which could be confusing) - perhaps in <browser:defaultView> instead?


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