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Sunday, October 16, 2005, 10:38:54 PM, you wrote:

DM> But it returns what "objectMoved.getResult()" returns.
DM>    You can use this to communicate with the "doActionFor" caller.
  i.e. raise ObjectMoved( new_obj, new_obj )? this is not bad idea :), but
  i don`t completely undestand that WorkflowTool._invokeWithNotification 
usually returns.

By the way i think code:
        for w in wfs:
            w.notifySuccess(ob, action, res)
        if reindex:
in  _invokeWithNotification should be turn upside-down to:
        if reindex:
        for w in wfs:
            w.notifySuccess(ob, action, res)
am i right?

DM> The much more reliable way however is to perform
DM> the necessary unindexing and recataloging inside the action
DM> itself (and not let this as task of the caller).
  That`s   right,  but  this  code was written a long time ago by the developer,
  who didn`t analyzed cmfcore and dcworkflow in depth :((.

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