Hi Chris!

Chris Withers wrote:
yuppie wrote:
Once again:

getActionObject(action_path) is the method you are looking for.

Another problem with this:

getActionById is defined as public, getActionObject as private, so you can't use it in any skin scripts or templates :-(


Can't see why you would need that method in the skins. getActionObject is only useful for manipulating action objects.

I'd be very much up for getting together on IRC and hammering this out.
All you need is a recently Plone 2.1 bundle and a lot of patience. I can send you the patch I have so far to get you started.

Unless someone bribes me I'll not help cleaning up the mess in Plone. But if you can isolate general problems with the CMF Action machinery I'll be happy to help.

BTW: IIRC Kapil has a Plone version that works with CMF trunk. That would mean that he resolved all the deprecation warnings.



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