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Florent Guillaume wrote:
> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> There's an outstanding issue in the collector about workflow scripts 
>> that are external methods. Currently, creating a snapshot of a site 
>> with external methods on the Scripts tab of a DCWorkflow will just 
>> blow up. The real question here is: Do we want to support that at 
>> all? Taking a quick look at the code two options come to mind:
>> - When extracting workflow script information, external methods are 
>> specifically ignored. The documentation is updated to reflect the 
>> fact that only DTMLMethods and Script (Python) (or items derived from 
>> them/behaving like them) are supported as far as import/export goes.
> That would be enough for me.
>> - External methods gain support by extending the saved information to 
>> collect module/function values for external methods instead of trying 
>> to read the body. This *will* make an import blow up if the 
>> filesystem code the external method relies on is not in the expected 
>> location

We can make the failed attempt to import the EM create a log entry,
without aborting the whole import;  OTOH, having it fail would tell you
that you hadn't installed all the software you neeeded.

+1 for fleshing out the ".em" files for EMs (in fact, we just ran across
that sprinting today).

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