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On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 06:31:42 -0700, Laurence Rowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

In Plone ResourceRegistries (1.1 branch) I need to get the current skin name so that the resource (a css or js file) is fetched from the correct skin. Unfortunately it seems that there is no easy way to get the current skin name (when it is not set by a cookie in the request). I can work around this like follows, but it's a bit ugly:

     security.declareProtected(permissions.View, 'getCurrentSkinName')
     def getCurrentSkinName(self):
         """Returns the id of the current skin.

         Ugh, there really should be a better way of doing this. This is
         depending on internals in CMFCore and should be added there.
         skintool = getToolByName(self, 'portal_skins')
         default_skin_name = skintool.getDefaultSkin()
         tid = get_ident()
         if SKINDATA.has_key(tid):
             skinobj, ignore, resolve = SKINDATA.get(tid)
             current_skin_path = skinobj.getPhysicalPath()

             # Perhaps test against default skin first?

             skinnames = skintool.getSkinSelections()

             # loop through skin names looking for a match
             for name in skinnames:
                 skin = skintool.getSkinByName(name)
                 path = skin.getPhysicalPath()
                 if current_skin_path == path:
                     return name

         return default_skin_name

Would it be reasonable to make Skinnable.SkinnableObjectManager.changeSkin set the skin request var name after changing the skin? Such as:

     def changeSkin(self, skinname):
         '''Change the current skin.

         Can be called manually, allowing the user to change
         skins in the middle of a request.
         skinobj = self.getSkin(skinname)
         if skinobj is not None:
             tid = get_ident()
             SKINDATA[tid] = (skinobj, {}, {})
             REQUEST = getattr(self, 'REQUEST', None)
             if REQUEST is not None:
                 sfn = self.getSkinsFolderName()
                 if sfn is not None:
                     sf = getattr(self, sfn, None)
                     if sf is not None:
                         REQUEST.set(sf.getRequestVarname(), skinname)

Then getSkinNameFromRequest would work happily. Or is the a better way to do this?



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