Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I propose cutting 1.5.5beta this Sunday (November 6th) and having a beta phase lasting 2 weeks, mostly because I'll be in Detroit next weekend and probably won't be able to cut a final release. The weekend after that I'm back in Germany and ready to push out 1.5.5 final.
Please speak up if you don't think this is a good idea.

It's a good idea but maybe would it be worthwhile to have a bug day before, no? I know there's a few things I want to change to facilitate Five 1.2/1.3 events working with CMF 1.5.

This brings up a very important point. I was under the impression the 1.5 branch was not going to be sucked into the whole Five/Zope 2.8 juggernaut. That it was not the target for all the new technologies that are being put on the trunk now. It is supposed to be a maintenance branch after all, and as such it should not have far- ranging rearchitecture-style changes.

I didn't mean it'd require it, I said "facilitate", I just want to allow them to coexist peacefully if needed. It impacts just details (like how recursion through manage_afterAdd is done).

My own opinion here would be that it is strictly a maintenance branch. If you're looking for new technologies you should be looking at the trunk, which will hopefully soon spawn the 2.0 series.



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