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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On 15 Nov 2005, at 14:24, yuppie wrote:
>> The notes should be logged *and* used for reporting in the ZMI.
>> Implementation:
>> I'm no logging expert, so I might well be missing something. The 
>> state of the art seems to be using the Python logging package (PEP 
>> 282). Is it possible to use that framework for reporting as well?  It
>> doesn't look like that.
>> Replacing the 'note' method in ISetupContext with a more logger  like
>> API and sending the notes to the Python logger *and* to TTW  reports
>> might be the way to go.
> There could be a "multiplexer" that logs to the standard Zope event  log
> *and* keeps the messages in a memory buffer to be displayed in  the
> browser. This could be done in a separate class or a logging API  could
> be added to ISetupContext. Should be easy to do, really.

I *think* the current setup tool creates a text file with log messages
in it, and stores that file inside the tool.  I would prefer to maintain
the data persistently, rather than in RAM;  the API for that could be
extended, of course.

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