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Paul Winkler wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 09:40:40AM +0100, Paul Everitt wrote:
>>Paul Winkler wrote:
>>>3) Universal. The corporate id is not optional. It gets imposed on
>>>every page in a site.
>>>That goes too far IMO. Opt-in is a pain, but if you remove it, we need
>>>to add an "opt-out" feature. Consider for example links that launch
>>>pop-ups with some snippet of information in a smaller window. You
>>>frequently want these to have a very stripped down look-and-feel. This
>>>can be used for e.g. context help. I've seen a lot of sites like this
>>>and worked on some.
>>That policy can be implemented in the tool itself.  For this small 
>>proposal, the change wouldn't care.  The tool could just return back the 
>>same then passed, unchanged. [wink]
> OK, as long as it's possible somehow :)

This should probably be an adapter lookup on the original view.

>>>So this wouldn't work for PageTemplate instances in the ZODB,
>>>e.g. in portal_skins/custom/ ?
>>Ok, I picked the wrong spot for the proposed implementation.  (I'm not a 
>>CMF guru, but I'd like to contribute.)  Whatever implementation is 
>>chosen would need to cover both FS and customized template output.
> When you customize a FSPageTemplate, you get a plain ZopePageTemplate.
> So you'll need to find a way to post-process the output of those
> without requiring a change to core Zope, or this becomes a Zope
> proposal.  Unfortunately I haven't a clue how you could avoid that.

I've contemplated changing that, in order (e.g.) to provide a "diff with
original source" feature.  If we customize *views*, rather than
*templates*, then the ZODB-based view could be responsible for hooking
up the pipeline.

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