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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
The following checkin on the 1.6 branch, which looks like a pure cleanup item, completely breaks Plone 2.1 and up on CMF 1.6. I assume that was not the intention.


I'm in the specific situation where I have an existing Plohn 2.1 site and I want to use PAS. The latest PAS depends in a current GenericSetup, so I am trying to move the Plone site onto the current CMF 1.6 branch. Due to the change above this is not possible.

Question: If we claim CMF 1.5 compatibility, do you mind reverting this checkin?

The intention was to make things consistent. CMF 1.5 and CMF 2.0 have different ways to register custom type info classes. Before that change both machineries were broken on the 1.6 branch because they were merged in an insane way.

I fixed the new machinery because

- most code used already the new machinery (and I thought that was Rob's intention)

- this doesn't break many products

I don't mind if you switch the 1.6 branch back to the old machinery, but there are more changes necessary than just reverting the last checkin.



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