On 21 Dec 2005, at 11:14, Florent Guillaume wrote:
Unless someone fixes that CMFDynamicsomethingFTI thing (or the CMF 1.6 branch) people cannot even attempt to run Plone 2.1 or 2.2 against CMF 1.6. This is like a stalemate. Can you suggest how to add a new kind of factory information class similar to appending it to that typeClasses structure so Martin can fix the Plone code for whatever release they want to make CMF 1.6- compatible then?

The "new way" (exemplified by the way CMFCore itself registers 'Factory-based' type information) is:

- make the class provide ITypeInformation (either directly or through ZCML),

- five:registerClass the class (this makes it available in Products.meta_types and for IFAwareObjectManager, which the portal_types ZMI add menu uses),

- register an IAdding for it, usually coded in browser/. Using the base class provided by CMFCore it's only a few lines.

Thanks a lot Florent, I assume Martin can go off and do his magic with that description.


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