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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I think this brings up the need for a slightly more formalized planning and release process. Given the requisite backing by at least the main developers (meaning their agreement that they would actually use such a thing) I'd like to set up a release plan page on zope.org that explains a bit more what the goals for each major release are and which contains
timing information as well. The Plone roadmap page  at
http://plone.org/roadmap (plone.org seems down currently) does a nice
job in that regard.

Tres said:
I agree we need such a document, and already owe you some words around the topic. I'll work on setting up a back-channel conversation about it.

You can of course use the PloneSoftwareCenter :-)

Complete overkill, sorry. We're dealing with one project here, and for starters we need a simple document, and then go from there. Matter of fact a simple Wiki would be good, probably right underneath www.zope.org/Products/CMF.

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