On 5 Jan 2006, at 09:40, Lennart Regebro wrote:

this makes sense.  i'm -1 on the final CMFonFive piece landing in CMF
1.6 itself, though.  the original scope for CMF 1.6 was "CMF 1.5 +
GenericSetup", i don't see a compelling reason to complicate things by expanding that scope. if CMFonFive stays separate, then you can code it to support only Zope 2.9 without having to impose this same restriction
on the CMF core.

Well, it doesn't make sense, because it continues a complex versioning
dance, and leaves many combinations unsupported, but if nobody else
wants that fixed, then I won't fix it. :-)

And it doesn't really complicate things by expanding any scope, it
just moves a bit of code from on product to another.

Sorry I didn't follow this discussion closely, so you want to merge the last remnants of CMFonFive into CMF 1.6 and 2.0, is that the suggestion?


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