On 11 Jan 2006, at 18:42, Tres Seaver wrote:
I have "posted a blog entry,",
http://palladion.com/home/tseaver/obzervationz/2006/ cmf_2_0_update_20060111
summarizing what I think is the current status of the project.  Please
comment here on ths list, correcting my mistakes or omissions, as well
as responding to the "open questions" section.

As far as the Zope target platform for CMF 2.0 goes, I was under the impression it had already quietly slipped to 2.9, even though there was never any announcement ;) Plone will probably be on CMF 1.5/1.6 in the near term rather than 2.0, so IMHO that is an argument in favor of simplifying CMF's Zope support to just 2.9 and over.

This ties into the second question, which Plone core developers can answer better, about the plans for which version of Plone will go with which version of CMF. As an added question, how does the CPS release plan relate to the CMF?


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