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I'm not sure that's what plone_schemas does; I think it rather makes Z3
content objects with schemas defined in interfaces the Z3 way work with
some of Plone's machinery and UI. I may be wrong, though, I've only
briefly scanned the code.

Yes it allows Five add and edit forms to work in a plonish way, it
does not do anything related to AT.

So let's play with the idea of using plone_schemas instead of Archetypes for a moment. How does it compare? Off the top of my head, how does it support:

 - Creating simple content types baed on schemas

 - Creating folderish types

 - Use of Plone's UI for generated edit forms

 - Ability to make custom views easily

 - DC metadata

- Ability to use standard CMF actions and aliases, e.g. /edit points to edit view, /properties points to metadata edit form etc.

 - Content is automatically indexed in the catalog

 - Things like Modified date are kept up to date automatically

 - Validators on field level and on the whole object level

 - Rename-after-creation (title-to-id generation)

- Ability to use CMFDynamicViewFTI's IBrowserDefault and ISelectableBrowserDefault interfaces, to get the "display" menu, meaning: a default view, a list of supplemental views, and ability to set a default-page object in the folder (all Plone needs here are the interfaces, though these are Z2 style)

 - A way to create custom fields + widgets

Some of these I think I know the answer to, but I'm just curious how far along this approach is, and more importantly - where there are gaps, how you think they may be closed.



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