Just going to add my 2 cents regarding non-specific-plone_schemas zope 3

>  - Ability to make custom views easily

Customizing views happens with overrides.zcml today.  No plone_schemas
required.  This should work for widget customizations as well.
Obviously as we've all discussed this needs a TTW customization component.

>  - DC metadata

I *hope* Five lets us use IAnnotatable today.  As it stands zope3
provides a very nice DC metadata implementation built on top of
IAnnotatable adapters/functionality which is quite nice.  Although I
haven't confirmed if this works using z2+five yet.

>  - Things like Modified date are kept up to date automatically
Zope 3 events would help out here although I don't know if Five
supported IModified events yet.  But perhaps alecm has another way of
handling this with plone_schemas.

>  - Validators on field level and on the whole object level

FieldProperty and related zope3 schema functionality provides terrific
per-field validation.  Per object validation really only means ensuring
field level validation occurred, no?

>  - Rename-after-creation (title-to-id generation)

The zope3 INameChooser adapter and related functionality should take
care of this fine.  I don't know if plone_schema's hooks into this to
use by default.  Although its probably a per-application decision to use
in any event.

>  - A way to create custom fields + widgets

overrides.zcml in the short (and long term) from the filesystem.  But
again hopefully there will be a TTW ability also in the long term.

> Some of these I think I know the answer to, but I'm just curious how
> far  along this approach is, and more importantly - where there are
> gaps, how  you think they may be closed.

Keeping in mind here that the intended actions should result in breaking
up archetypes into separate products/components.  So a lot of this
functionality which is considered standard archetypes functionality
probably *shouldn't* be.  But gaining that functionality from other
standard products is obviously desirable.  Thankfully zope3 provides a
lot of the starting functionality (or at least a lot more than zope2 did).

- Rocky

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