On 17 Jan 2006, at 10:44, yuppie wrote:
Work finished, please check out GenericSetup from here now:

The original proposal also proposed to "include it in the CMF via a svn:external link", see http://palladion.com/home/tseaver/obzervationz/2006/ cmf_2_0_update_20060111

Was that part skipped on purpose or by mistake?

Ah, good catch. That sentence is in the paragraph below the actual blurb about the GenericSetup split-off.

Obviously this is a 5 second thing to do, but it also will require constant maintenance to make sure the external is pointing to the right tag/branch/whatever.

What do people think, do we want a svn:external or do we want to just mention it as a requirement in the docs (such as README, INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES)?


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